Prevention and aftercare of head lice

Head lice in daycare or school? Head lice are a recurring problem in connection with children. The hair is best checked regularly in high-risk areas, such as behind the ears, on the nape of the neck, and on the temples. Of course, effective remedies that prevent the problem from occurring in the first place also help.

We recommend Linea MammaBaby lice shampoo and hair lotion.
They are 100% natural and for the whole family. With a particularly soothing effect, they are super pleasant on the sensitive scalp of our children.

Starting with the spray lotion (75ml), which already helps to prevent head lice. It is a supplement to other lice products and is suitable for small children as well as for the whole family.
The formula is based on a combination of essential oils: lavender, mint, eucalyptus, argan oil and panthenol. On the one hand it is a very soothing and refreshing mixture for the scalp, but it also creates a very uncomfortable environment for the lice.
The spray hair lotion also contains no dyes, no silicone and no parabens and has been tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt.

It continues with the lice shampoo (200ml) for after-treatment of the scalp. It protects the hair and reduces the risk of reinfestation.
The formula is based on Melaleuca, Lavender and Jojoba essential oils, which create an environment on the scalp that makes it difficult for head lice to establish themselves. The soothing effect of the essential oils relieves itching, acts directly on the hair structure and makes it easier to comb through the hair.
The shampoo contains no SLS/SLES, no parabens and is nickel-free, Chrome and cobalt tested.

All Linea MammaBaby products are Made in Italy.
Emelie Commeßmann