Natural rubber, proven companion in baby's first year

During their oral phase, babies are known to explore the world with their mouths. Your toy should therefore be made of a material that is free of harmful substances, elastic and tear-resistant, so that you can suckle and chew on it without hesitation and to your heart's content. Natural rubber is best suited for this. In addition to being completely non-toxic, it also has many other advantages: it is durable, robust, easily shaped, biodegradable, recyclable, antiseptic and water-repellent. It has the optimal consistency, is free of synthetic additives, can be dyed food-safe and its softness is reminiscent of mother's skin.

In addition, natural rubber as a component of the natural rubber tree milky sap (latex) is a renewable raw material. From an ecological point of view, the fact that rubber trees can release latex over a long period of time without having to be felled and can be cultivated sustainably in mixed cultures is also significant.

By buying fairly certified products with an organic label, you can support sustainable cultivation without using toxic weed killers and be sure that the latex is obtained and/or processed without child labor. Unlike synthetic rubber, which often involves the use of chemicals such as styrene, butadiene or polyurethane, natural rubber is made without petroleum.

A damp, soft cloth with a little salt water is used to disinfect natural rubber products, which is then rinsed off with cold water.

kinder & kon sorten has an extensive range of baby toys, teething aids and bath toys made from pure natural rubber.
The teething aids from Oli & Carol are very popular! You want to introduce babies and toddlers to a healthy lifestyle right away. In this way they get to know fruit and vegetables in a playful way. The more children come into contact with these things, the more naturally they will deal with them later.
Pia Commeßmann