Wooden figure, gorilla

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The wooden tiger figures are characterized by their timeless and elegant design. To ensure that playing and learning also stimulates the imagination, the shapes of the figures are limited to the essentials. All parts are painted with water-based acrylic paints. The wood grain remains recognizable and at the same time the wood is resistant to saliva and sweat. Most figures are made of maple. But oak, beech and birch are also processed. The production of the wooden tiger toys takes place in elaborate manual work. Each figure is unique.

The child experiences nature in a playful way with the colored wooden figures from wooden tiger. It develops a sense of aesthetic shapes and colors. The handmade toy is mainly made of maple wood. Due to its light color and hardness, it is an ideal natural material.

wooden tiger offers the child a basis for creative play with durable and timeless wooden play figures, alone or in a group.


  • Material: Ahornholz
  • non-toxic, sweat and saliva-proof paints (water-based)
  • Handwork