Fröbel-building permit No.5

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Friedrich Fröbel was an educator who recognized the importance of supporting children from an early age. He created a pedagogical concept of songs, activities and toys (also called Fröbel gifts). Fröbel founded the first kindergarten in 1840 in Bad Blankenburg. The teachings of Friederich Fröbel are more relevant than ever in today's world, which is characterized by sensory overload.

Friedrich Froebel developed toys made of wood, which should give the children a variety of insights from the simple. Children recognize from this: forms of life, knowledge and beauty. Ankerstein GmbH produces these toys from the 100% ecological ingredients of the Anker stones: chalk, color pigments, linseed oil and sand. The dimensions of the anchor stones correspond to the dimensions of Fröbel's toys.

Fröbelgabe 5 consists of a total of 39 building blocks. It is similar to the third game gift, because 21 building blocks correspond to the dice of the Fröbel gift 3.

The remaining 18 building blocks are created by dividing 6 cubes differently: 

    • 3 cubes are divided diagonally once, resulting in 6 triangular building blocks
    • 3 cubes are divided twice diagonally so that 12 small triangular building blocks are created

By expanding the forms to include smaller and larger triangles, there are countless possibilities: when creating forms of beauty, when building forms of life and, last but not least, when comprehending forms of knowledge.

In combination with the Fröbel gifts 3 and 4, the stock of stones and shapes increases and with it the number of possibilities.

Scope of delivery:

– 1 wooden box with sliding lid 
– 39 Anchor stones – 21 cubes correspond to stone #1 of the Anchor stone series 
   – 6 large triangular prisms correspond to stone no. 208 of the Anchor stone series 
   – 12 small triangular prisms correspond to stone no. 213 of the Anchor stone series
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