Baby trainer in brown with pink and nude

Baby trainer in brown with pink and nude

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Our Deem Design Basic Line consists of subtle products that are beautiful in their simplicity.

Your baby will have something nice to look at with these stroller stretchers.
The bell and the wooden ring make it rattle during the walk.
Each stroller stretcher has 1 colored bead and fits every stroller.
The stretcher can be attached with two pacifier clips.

The beads we use are smooth sanded unpainted beech wood beads. The colored beads are varnished with non-toxic paint and varnish.

Suitable for children from 0-9 months. Only to be used as a car tensioner and not as a toy due to small parts.

Long: 42 cm

Attach the pacifier clips to the edge of the hood of your stroller.
If your stroller cover has a thick edge, like the Joolz strollers, attach the pacifier clip to the fabric just behind the thick edge.