Pia Commeßmann - Managing Director and owner of kinder & konsorten.
Pia Commeßmann began making cushions for her own use early on. "On a cold day or after a long day at work, there's nothing better than snuggling up in soft pillows..."
Various training courses, such as a year as a theater photographer at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, parallel to technical high school in the design department, have trained the creative eye. But internships in retail have also shaped my path.
After graduating from high school, she trained as a journeyman dressmaker in haute couture. At Hanns Friedrichs Couture on Jürgensplatz in Düsseldorf, she learned all the tricks and tricks that tailoring requires.
In order to round off the whole thing with self-employment, Pia Commeßmann then graduated from the Academy for Fashion Design in the Management department in Hamburg.
When their own children were born, the right pillows were naturally used to decorate the children's room. These beautiful and unique cuddly pillows were also given away to friends' children, and the mothers saw them there again and immediately ordered more.
In this way, children & friends grew much faster than originally planned.
"The demand was just always there and never broke off. Many of my regular customers have been with us since the first few years and have expressly forbidden me to ever stop."
The cushions are now distributed all over the world...


the kinder & konsorten Team:


Pia Commeßmann
Managing Director and owner
Sales and Webshop    
Emelie Commeßmann
daughter of Pia
Sales and onlineshop    
Irene Commeßmann
mother of Pia
Sales and good fairy

Franziska Mohnfeld
Sales and help in the workshop


Lidija Smilevska
Help in accounting


Valerie Heinrich
Graphik design